Physics 101

Spring 2009

Prof. Dave Goldberg

Office Hours MWF 2-3, Disque 810, or by appointment in advance
Lecture MW 1-2, Disque 103

A few quick resources

(Read me first!) Welcome to Fundamentals of Physics 1. You can read all about the course policies and academic honesty and such in the syllabus. There are lots of components to the class. If you get confused, feel free to check out the google calendar. It has lab schedules, recitations, exams, and so forth.

If you are confused about where/when recitations or labs are to be held, be sure to check out Drexel SRC. Go under "schedule of classes" and follow the menus down.

I would also like each of you to print out a 4-color flash card. I will take polls and ask questions in class to see if everyone is catching on, and this gives me a good way of gauging your comprehension.

Of course, if you are ever unclear about anything, don't hesitate to email me.

Course Staff

I want to encourage you to talk to me and my staff about any problems you may be having with my course. While our scheduled office hours are prefered, we are happy to make appointments in advance. If you have quick questions, and would prefer to contact us via email, that's fine, too.

Physics Help Session

Physics help sessions are held in Disque 919 from 4-6PM every weekday with the exception of Thursday, where help sessions will be held from 5-7PM. Below is a list of when the Physics 101 TAs will be helping at the physics help sessions, but please be aware that all tutors present at the help sessions are required to help ALL students, regardless of what class they are teaching.


During weeks 4 and 8 of term, we will have exams from 8-9am. Rooms and days will be announced shortly. These exams will be comprehensive and closed book. I will give you an equation sheet approximately 1 week ahead of time with all of the information that you will be given on the exam. It is expected that you bring a calculator.

Please note that the exams will be similar in style and have similar grading criteria to the written homeworks described above. As with the homeworks, it is important that you show all of your work in addition to getting the correct answer.

In addition, during finals week, we will have a cumulative exam. Anything/everything that we've discussed in class is fair game.

Exam 1 Information

The first exam will be held from 8-9 AM on Friday, April 24 in Nesbitt 111 (for last names from A-M) and Nesbitt 125 (for last names N-Z). Please use the past exams posted below as references on how the exam will be formatted (they are also a good way to review what you know!). Also, please look at the equation sheet posted below before the exam to make sure you understand what the variables in each equation mean!

Exam 1 - 2007
Exam 1 - 2008
Exam One Equation Sheet
Exam One Solutions

Exam 2 Information

The second exam will be held from 8-9 AM on Friday, May 22 in Nesbitt 111 (for last names from A-M) and Nesbitt 125 (for last names N-Z). The words of wisdom above pertaining to Exam 1 also apply to Exam 2.

Exam 2 - 2007
Exam 2 - 2008
Exam 2 (2008) Solutions
Exam Two Equation Sheet
Exam Two Solutions

Final Exam Information

The final exam will be held on June 12 from 1 - 3 PM in Nesbitt 111 & 125.

Final - 2007
Final - 2008
Final (2008) Solutions
Final Equation Sheet

Written Assignments

As discussed in the syllabus, on weeks 2, 5, and 8 we'll give out a written assignment in recitation, which will be due a week later. Half the points are given for your answer, and half the points are given for your work, so be sure to be clear about how you solve your problems.

Mastering Physics Assignments

Each friday (including in the first week), I will post a set of problems on the "mastering physics" site:

You have 1 week to complete the assignment, and while you can discuss general topics from the class with your friends, it is expected tat you do the work on your own. Each assignment will consist of 3-5 problems with multiple parts. The system gives you opportunities to get hints and take multiple attempts, but you should definitely contact me or your TA if you are having difficulty.

When you first log in, please register, and make sure you have

  1. Your Student ID Number
  2. Your registration code from the "Mastering Physics" packet that came with your textbook.
  3. The "course code" for this course, which is: PHYS101SPRING2009
Please note that if you are having problems, you should contact our Pearson rep, Ms. Lee Monroe ( If you need immediate help, you may call 888-547-4415.

Recitation Problems

Please make sure you are prepared to do these problems for your recitation sections. While they will not be graded, you may be called to the board to solve them. Please note, in all cases, I want you to do the "exercises" not the "discussion questions."


There will be four labs over the course of the term. Odd numbered labs sections will meet ONLY in odd numbered weeks (3,5,7,9), and even numbered sections will meet ONLY in even numbered weeks (2,4,6,8).

You can get the lab assignments on the course webpage. You are expected to read over the purpose and theory prior to lab section, as well as do your pre-labs. You will not be able to start your labs unless you have done so. You will also get a significant penalty on your lab score if you show up without doing your pre-lab.

Students in each group work together as a team to collect data. The students themselves decide upon the responsibilities of each group member, although all should make roughly equal contributions. Each group must submit a copy of the data sheet, with all members signing it before leaving the laboratory. Each student should also keep a copy of the experimental data for use in his/her lab report.

Important Make-up Lab Information!

Hello Students of Phys101 and Phys102:

If you have missed a lab, there are lab make-ups all day Thursday and Friday of next week ( June 4th and 5th). Please contact Dr. Joe Trout to arrange a time. His e-mail is If for some reason you do not get a response in 24 hours, please call his cell phone at 610-348-6495 and leave a message and a number where you can be reached. If you missed a lab because of Memorial Day, or Dr. Papadakis Funeral, you do not need to schedule a make-up, your lab is scheduled for next Monday or Tuesday, depending on your normal lab period. Just show up for your normal lab period. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PRELAB COMPLETED BEFORE YOU ARRIVE FOR YOUR MAKE-UP LAB OR YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY HAVE 15 POINTS OFF YOUR LAB GRADE.

Thanks, Dr. Joe Trout
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